Frequently Asked Questions

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Scholarship & Application Process:

Do I need to mail a notarized application form in addition to submitting application online from this web site?

**Please note: At this time only mailed in applications will be considered for financial award**

Mail notarized application form with all supporting material to:
P.O. Box 280104, Dyker Heights Station
Brooklyn, New York 11228-0104

What is most common reason for application rejections?

Transcripts sent from schools to us may not be received on time for application review. It is the responsibility of applicant to ensure school sends official transcripts with seal in timely manner.

What evidence can I provide to substantiate Norwegian heritage of at least 25%?

a) A copy of birth certificate from parent, grandparent, or yourself that shows Norwegian ancestry or

b) A copy of passport or church record as such or

c)  A letter from a relative/caregiver confirming ancestry or strong affiliation